To reemerge, to come back, to reappear, to return. 
Resurging once again from the depths of despair. 
I supposed that sounds very harsh, but sometimes is the only way to say what others would call "the daily routine".

Routine is my least favorite word in any language, I really dislike it.
I once read in a book this phrase: "I rather be shocked than bored" and I guess that somehow stayed with me. There is nothing more boring than having a routine, although I must agree that sometimes is a necessary evil. Which brings me to my long absence from this blog. 

Yes, routine kept me away, but trying to break away from that awful daily life also kept me away. I'm not saying I don't have a routine anymore, I'm just implying that I finally got out of the one thing that kept me from doing what makes me happy.
Now, finally liberated I can concentrate on the small things that make me smile.

And one of those things is being able to talk and write about how being a vegan has changed my life. How good it makes me feel to be able to say everyday that I no longer eat meat. No living being should have to suffer for us humans to be able to breathe. And I have the firm believe that our lives are no more important or valuable than all of those, pigs, cows and chickens that die every day so that someone can satisfy their taste buds.

I want to retake this blog and finally keep it up the way I first intended to, so hopefully those few of you that have been asking me when will I write again can forgive my absence and accompany me in this journey. If there is anyone one out there reading this for the first time and are interested in becoming vegan, I applaud you! I thank you and the many animal lives that will be saved, thank you as well. 

Here I leave you with a link of a great start up guide:

  Go vegan for them, start today->

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