Winter, Vegan restaurants and other events...

Winter is by far my least favorite season of the year.
I guess the reasons are obvious, is too cold, it snows, skin goes dry and you get the winter blues.
This last one is probably the one that gives me the most trouble, because it is really hard to handle being depressed and of course with the holidays coming it's just even worse.
The good thing is that being vegan in winter seems to be a lot easier! For instance, I found out there are a couple of nice restaurants close to me that I can indulge on.

The newest one in the Boston Area is True Bistro , which will open this Tuesday! I really can't wait to go, I did try to make a reservation when the Boston Vegetarian Association went this Saturday to a soft opening but all the spots were taken really fast! There is this other place I have been dying to go, Piece of pie for Vegan Pizza! I saw the pictures and it really looks delicious! They were selling this pizza at the Vegetarian festival last weekend, but when I went around their table all the pizza was gone! I overheard some guy there saying "I can't help it if my pizza is so damn good!" which I thought it was kind of rude. But I guess he's only telling the truth. I will experience it soon since I'm going to a book signing on November 18th! The book is called: The Vegan girls guide to life. I follow the author on Twitter and she seems like a cool down to earth girl and can't wait to meet her! And try the Pizza ;)

Another thing I will like to do this month is go to one of the meetings the Boston Vegan Association gives on Fridays at the Karma Yoga Studio. It seems like a good way to meet other vegans around here. So I will be posting on any of these experiences when I do go to either or better yet all of them!
Sounds like a lot when I write it, but it's really not much I guess.
I always try to commit to too much and at the end don't really do it, which is disappointing :( I don't know if it's the Gemini in me because I seem to always start two or three projects at the same time and then I get overwhelmed when I have to finish them! So I guess we'll see! I will also commit to write more often on my blogs, I really want to! Is a need to express myself that I take away when not feeling motivated enough, but is something I really really will like to commit!
I truly hope everyone is having an awesome vegan/vegetarian winter!
See you in the next post...


  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that the BVA meets on the first Sunday of every month. Newcomer orientation is at 4:15pm, while the monthly meeting is at 5pm. More details at (see the calendar).

    Also, with regard to Miguel at the Peace o' Pie table at BVFF, he was just having fun. That said, the pizza is amazing.

  2. Thank you Erik! I will look into the BVA calendar! And I'm sure Miguel was just having fun ;)

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