Odyssey of a recipe

So the other day I was watching the Supreme Master Channel and I was very excited about doing one of their recipes. It was a very nice Argentinian cooking show and they made this Millet and Broccoli Tart.  It looks easy enough... Except the ingredients proved to be very hard to find. For instance: Millet
I went to stop & shop and market basket and didn't find it, I even went to this Chinese market and they didn't have it there either. Another ingredient was Cassava starch, I started to even search online and nothing until I came across and article that said that Cassava Starch was mainly Yuca starch sometimes called tapioca starch or in Spanish fecula de mandioca. Then I read somewhere online that I could find Millet in the natural foods section in Stop & Shop! Trust me, I searched there too! But armed with this knowledge I went back to Stop & Shop and found it!! I almost jumped out of excitement!
And Yes, I could have gone to Whole Foods and I know they have the Millet there though I wasn't sure about the tapioca starch, but I was pretty positive they had it, the thing is that Whole Foods is a little far away from me and I wanted to cook it that night! (Yesterday)
So I came back home and organize all my ingredients and started cooking. (Another thing that was challenging was knowing what "gratinar" was, it turns out, is the broil option on your oven just turn this on so the upper part only will lit up and this will basically cook your meal until it's golden on top)
Anyway, I was done cooking, my tart was almost done, I took it out and then I started thinking... What if I don't like this thing? I never had millet or cassava starch. I panicked for a minute, but nonetheless, I cut me a piece, I tried it and I must say that... I loved it! It was divine!
I sprinkled some parsley leaves, a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice on top and it was another match made in heaven! In fact, I loved it so much I had another piece :)
After that I took the picture for your enjoyment, of course it doesn't look as good as the original but hey it was my first time!

I'm leaving the link to the video under and hopefully you guys can try it too! Let me know if you do how it goes ok.

Until next time!

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