Vegetarian Taco Recipe

Vegetarian TacoVegetarian Taco

I ate vegetarian tacos the other day at this place in Somerville, MA called Taco Loco and I had the Vegetarian tacos. I was a little bit skeptic about them at the beginning, but once I try them I was in love!
So today I kind of made my own version, I guess I could have added some guacamole to make it better but sincerely it was really good!
So I'm leaving you guys the recipe here in case you want to try it out.


Serves 2

Flax seed whole wheat tortillas
Or any kind of tortilla of your choice but read the ingredients.

1 whole cauliflower
Broccoli florets (a bunch)
1 small Red bell pepper
1 clove of garlic (chopped in tiny pieces)
1/2 a medium size onion
6 medium plum tomatoes (or a can of organic dice tomato)
1 Can of tomato sauce (organic)
Sea salt and Red (cayenne) Pepper to taste
1 tbsp of olive oil (or canola your choice)
1 tbsp of earth balance butter
1 tbsp of vegetable seasoning


Cut the cauliflower into small pieces
Wash your cauliflower and Broccoli florets and steam or boil in a medium saucepan until soft.
Chop your onion and tomato into small pieces and half
Your red pepper in julienne cut and the other in small chunks
Set it aside.


Melt the earth balance butter in a medium non stick pan, add the vegetable seasoning, the red julienne cut bell pepper and part of the chopped onion. Let it cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add the cauliflower and the broccoli florets and let them cook for about 6 minutes moving and turning constantly until a nice golden color is around the cauliflower. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste.

For the tomato sauce.

On a medium size non stick saucepan, heat the olive oil over a medium high heat for about a minute
Add in the onion the garlic and the chunks of red bell pepper and let it cook for about
3 minutes.
Add in the chop tomato and let it cook for about 5 minutes moving occasionally.
Next, add in the tomato sauce and bring the heat to medium to low. This should cook for
About 7 more minutes, then add the sea salt and cayenne pepper to taste.

Building your taco

Heat your tortilla on a big non stick pan for about a minute turning it both sides. You can leave it on for a little while until it's toasted a little and even add some butter or oil but I like mine soft.
Then add in as much cauliflower and broccoli you want, top it off with the sauce and voila! Eat it!

I hope you guys like it! I really did! Like I said add whatever else you want, maybe some guacamole and some cilantro. If is a Friday you can indulge and make yourself a margarita!
Being vegan doesn't have to be boring!! ;)



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