Supreme Master Tv and more

So I downloaded a new App for my Iphone the other day!
It was for a Vegan 24 hour channel, I wasn't sure if I should or if I would like it but I did and I must say that I love it!!
I already seen a few shows I like, they also have great easy to follow recipes! (I'll post some soon just need to go food shopping)

I really recommend everyone to go and visit this channel you can even access it on the web! here is the Address:

I know I haven't written in a while but If you do read my blog I ask you to be patient, I do tend to take long between updates and besides I do not want to bore you with gibberish so subscribe or add me to your twitter my nick name there is Lilyflor and I'll post there when there is an update.  Also please leave me a comment if you like!

So yesterday I ordered a pair of sneakers from Zappos they are the Vegan white and silver sneakers from Earth foot wear! They are supposed to help me lose weight as I walk!! I'll let you know how that went when I get them! I want to start walking soon! summer is just around the corner and that only means is bikini and tank top season. And as you can see from this blog I'm a vegan yes, but I'll like to be a sexy one! ;)

Also the other day my boyfriend got me the Skinny bitch and Skinny bitch in the Kitch books!

I already read the Skinny Bitch book so I decided to get the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch as well. It looks like it has a lot of good recipes and I can't wait to try it out!
I'll be posting if I do ;)
This book I bought it after I found out it was Vegan, I had seen it on the shelves at the book store but I wasn't sure I wanted to read it. Another diet book you know. But when I read It was Vegan I decided to read it and I love it!!
Those girls are crazy! I love their honest approach and how they explain things. Trust me you will not want to even touch meat of have anything dairy after reading it!
So hopefully I can inspire a few of you to read them!

I haven't done that much cooking since my vegetarian tacos the other day! but I must say I got some great feed back!! I want to make them again but create a different sauce for them a more fresh tomato sauce so we'll see how that goes. Other than that I want to continue cooking! I must secretly say I'm starting to like it! although I still have no patience, so I still time everything. I guess I just hate waiting!
But I should be doing better pretty soon!
Ok I'm done for today! nothing else to report! hope everyone has an awesome week! Until next time...

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  1. I totally agree--I love Supreme Master TV!
    and those sneakers sound cool~wonder how the workout thing will turn out!
    "Skinny Bitch" is also, helping a lot of people change their lifestyle for the better. I love this blog, thanks and keep it up!