Loving all animals!

This picture was so cute I wanted to share it!
I can't believe this cute little chick will end up being someones dinner! Maybe he would just be wasted after being ordered in a KFC by a brat kid and then he will decide he no longer wants it so he will just throw it away and the life of this chick will be worth nothing. I feel so sick to think of the many chickens, I myself ate thru out my life and I can't help but feel horrible about it!
They have the right to live a beautiful life, full of sunshine and recreation.

I remember having a pet chicken when I was a little girl, me and all my sisters had one.
Mine was a small black one who was always by herself. The chickens around the block will pick on her and so she was always lonely. We named her Solita which means the lonely one.
Time went by and she grew and was being picked on by the rest of the chicken even more! So I had to give it away to my cousin's family. She lived there for a while and then one day we visited them and they had eaten her!!
I felt so sad! How could they do something like that?
I think about her sometimes, I wonder why the other chickens didn't like her.
One day I hope I can have a big back yard where I can have chickens and pigs and cows and lambs well, I guess I need more than a big back yard, maybe my own farm where I can take care of defenseless animals and help them have a real happy life!
Wouldn't that be awesome?

I feel so good to say that it's been about two months since I had all meat, produce out of my body, it really feels like more! For some reason I thought it was more than that, but watching a self video blog about the lemonade diet I did I notice that it's been less!! I must say I'm in shock! I truly thought it was more! Which I guess is kind of cool if you think that in less than two months, which is about 6 weeks I lost about 15 pounds! And I have not been exercising! So If I was I would be losing even more! I think I should start this time for sure! I need a plan asap. Things should only get better from here on! Wel,l I can only hope!


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