Life is sweet as a Veggie Girl

Vegan Cats
So I have been vegan for about a month, vegetarian for about 2 and have been trying this lifestyle for years!
What can I said I guess the sad faces of the chickens and cows and pigs were not enough for me before that.
I did watch the movies: Earthlings, Meet your meat, If slaughter house were made of glass, as well as other great informational videos about this topic. But I guess my point of view was that, even If I, one person, stop eating meat, this will not make any difference. Many animals will still get slaughtered every single day with nothing I could do about it.
I tried going meatless for a whole month and for some reason I thought I felt weak, people started to tell me that It was important to eat meat and so I just went back.
Then, looking for ways to lose weight I stumble upon "The master Cleanse diet" and Bingo! That was it! I did the lemonade diet for 10 days. (I did cheat one day, I had a banana, but I had a headache and you can't have ibuprofen without food on your system right?) And another day I had 3 pretzels (blame my daughter for that one)

The master cleanse book talks about the awful truth regarding meat and dairy, what it does to your system, and how long it really takes for your stomach to process animal flesh.
After I read all of that, tt all kind of click! I didn't want to keep on putting my body thru all that! So I just went vegetarian cold turkey. (Tofurkey)  Though I only had eggs once and never really had any dairy except for butter on my bagel in the morning. Days later I bought the book, The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, and that really helped me transition completely into becoming a Vegan.

I must say that It's been so much fun cooking, food shopping and just having something different to eat everyday. No more chicken salad sandwich for lunch and boring chicken ceasar salads. No more disgusting meat and milk that would just hurt my stomach.

My skin complexion cleared, I lost weight I already feel more strong and energetic! I can truly say I'm a changed woman!

This is just the beginning of these changes, though, and I would love to share my journey with other fellow new Vegans or Vegetarians. So if that's you please do follow my blog, I'll do the same and we can all support each other!

We are the champions of our own life! And there is no life without dreams! Let's just think about that everyday and make it a new healthy inspiring cruelty free experiend!


  1. Very inspiring story! I am transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle. I'm currently vegetarian and try to be vegan at least every other day as I move away from dairy. Thanks for sharing!