Lazy rainy day...

Today was a very boring day, it rained the whole day! I mean it did not stop at all!
This weather is really making me depressed and I don't know why I don't seem to learn my lesson! It does happen every single year!
I really need to book myself a trip to the south and get a serious dose of sunshine!

Today it was also very odd for my Vegan self as well. I started drinking the Umeboshi, Daikon, and shoyu tea from Alicia's Silverstone book, The Kind Diet.
And I must say that it wasn't very good. It was so salty! And it didn't smell good at all! At some point I thought I was going to puke! But thankfully I didn't!
I really don't know why some people on Alicia's forums said otherwise. I honestly don't know what they are talking about! And the thing is, that is so time consuming. I don't have a food processor people! I had to use a regular grater and it was not fun :(
I don't know... I guess since I bought all the stuff and the umeboshi plums were so expensive ($14.50 at Whole Foods)  I'll continue to drink it, but I am not eating the pulp! There is no way anyone can pay me enough for that, unless someone gives me an Ipad then I would consider it. :)
Anyway, in the A.M I drank the tea, then ran to work so I had no time to eat anything else, but I did bring my own lunch. (Very simple Brown rice and black beans with avocado) it was so delicious!
Then I worked all day boring weather and all, even had to go to CVS to get me a cranberry juice because I was not feeling well, and by the way, let me tell you, there is no organic anything in that place. I had to get me a Nantucket Juice which wasn't even all cranberry, it had pineapple, pears and some other juice concentrate. So disappointing...

All in all, it didn't turn out to be so bad and the one thing that was good was my dinner since my sweet mother in law cooked me some white beans with tomato sauce so I had that over some left over brown rice. Add to that some fresh corn tortillas and a fresh squeeze orange juice for some vitamin C and you have a very nutritious and cruelty free veggie day.
And since it is Friday, I'm off to finish my day with a glass of white wine. 
Till next time! ;)


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