Vegetable Soup

Finally, I decided to start sharing some of the recipes that I normally share in pictures. I just want to clarify that most of them, I got online, or book. With time I just tweaked them to my taste and simply enjoyed them. What's even better, the fact that my non vegan family enjoyed it as well.
So here it is, my awesome magic soup. You can adjust it to whatever vegetables you have currently in your fridge, and rice or noodles on it when you serve it or strain the vegetables out and save it on ice cube container to be used as stock for a different recipe.

Vegetable Magic Soup

2 Tbs olive oil
2 Stacks of celery, chopped
1 large onion, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
3 minced cloves of fresh garlic
6 small potatoes
1/2 head of broccoli
1/2 of red pepper, chopped
1 bunch of cilantro or parsley
1 lemon or lime
1 Bay leave
Salt and pepper to taste
Some flakes of crushed red pepper


In a large pot, with medium to high heat, add the olive oil and allow it to get warm for a minute. Add the onion first and let it fry for about a minute, add the bay leave, then  slowly add the celery and carrots, keep adding the rest of the ingredients little by little until you ran out of all the ingredients except the cilantro and cover the pot. Let it cook for about 5 minutes moving it constantly. Add about 6 to 8 cups of water, turn the heat down and let it all cook for about 30 to 45 minutes with the cover on. Around this time you want to add the cilantro, salt, pepper, red crushed pepper flakes and the juice of half a lemon.

Let it simmer for 15 minutes to allow the flavors to mix in. Serve over some rice or noodles and enjoy!


To reemerge, to come back, to reappear, to return. 
Resurging once again from the depths of despair. 
I supposed that sounds very harsh, but sometimes is the only way to say what others would call "the daily routine".

Routine is my least favorite word in any language, I really dislike it.
I once read in a book this phrase: "I rather be shocked than bored" and I guess that somehow stayed with me. There is nothing more boring than having a routine, although I must agree that sometimes is a necessary evil. Which brings me to my long absence from this blog. 

Yes, routine kept me away, but trying to break away from that awful daily life also kept me away. I'm not saying I don't have a routine anymore, I'm just implying that I finally got out of the one thing that kept me from doing what makes me happy.
Now, finally liberated I can concentrate on the small things that make me smile.

And one of those things is being able to talk and write about how being a vegan has changed my life. How good it makes me feel to be able to say everyday that I no longer eat meat. No living being should have to suffer for us humans to be able to breathe. And I have the firm believe that our lives are no more important or valuable than all of those, pigs, cows and chickens that die every day so that someone can satisfy their taste buds.

I want to retake this blog and finally keep it up the way I first intended to, so hopefully those few of you that have been asking me when will I write again can forgive my absence and accompany me in this journey. If there is anyone one out there reading this for the first time and are interested in becoming vegan, I applaud you! I thank you and the many animal lives that will be saved, thank you as well. 

Here I leave you with a link of a great start up guide:

  Go vegan for them, start today->

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I have been vegan for about 8 months now, and being a fan of eating out at least twice a week I must say that it has not been easy finding places that are vegan friendly here in Boston MA.

One of the places I used to always go out with friends and family is TGI Friday's. But after going vegan, I realized there are very few plates you can convert to vegan friendly there, which is very disappointing.  They put cheese on almost everything and the dressings I'm sure have some kind of dairy in them, that I have no choice but to order a plain salad with an Italian light dressing, or the pasta with tomato sauce on it, making sure you say "no cheese on it, please"  I once had the fried green beans, but I'm sure the batter is made with egg whites, so I decided to not ever order it again.

Another place I like going is Bertuccis, I of course loved their Pizza! And so you know, pizza used to be my favorite food in the whole wide world! I know... Many people I told this fact used to raise their eyebrows as in saying... "How can you like Pizza? Why not steak or some exotic Latin food." But I'm sorry to be deceiving, but nothing used to entice me as much as Pizza did. The anticipation of that first bite, with the melted cheese and the tomato sauce blend together gave way more satisfaction than any other food would. So Bertuccis Pizza had in my view one of the best available. But now since I no longer indulge in cheese, I order a pasta dish, making sure I tell the waiter my preferences, which I must say they usually are happy to accommodate.
Most other places like Dennis, Friendly's and any other restaurant I have to stick with ordering a salad or minestrone soup, or making my own dish based on their sides.
In Dennis I once ordered the oatmeal with blueberry's on it for breakfast, and you can also do this in Starbucks except here you would order it with the granola and brown sugar, which I have to say is delish and so much better than having a egg, ham and cheese on a plain bagel, and healthier!

Friday's Pasta with Alfredo Sauce. No Meat.
In most places they really, truly, need to add more vegan friendly items to their menus. Which is why I wrote a letter to each place I normally eat at to ask them to do just that! ;) Here is a copy of this letter, you may choose to use it too if you wish, just change the name of the restaurant:

Dear Friday's

Me and my friends and family have been choosing your restaurant for many years over any other restaurant. We like the atmosphere and the good, affordable food you offer. However, since I became Vegan I have to choose to eat at home more often due to the fact that you have so very little options in your menu. Would you please consider adding some vegan or vegetarian friendly items?
I would love to be able to order a veggie burger with fries, rice with tofu instead of chicken, and  a plain salad without cheese on it and a good dairy free dessert.
With so many people choosing a healthy vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, I think this would be a great thing for you to offer! Please do consider my suggestion.

Thank You!
Home made Vegan Chili with rice and strawberry lemonade. 

Of course Boston has a few good vegan restaurants, so I'm grateful to be able to go out with friends and have a good option available for me. Hopefully someday every restaurant will add more friendly and meatless options to their menus or they will be losing big time! 

Winter is by far my least favorite season of the year.
I guess the reasons are obvious, is too cold, it snows, skin goes dry and you get the winter blues.
This last one is probably the one that gives me the most trouble, because it is really hard to handle being depressed and of course with the holidays coming it's just even worse.
The good thing is that being vegan in winter seems to be a lot easier! For instance, I found out there are a couple of nice restaurants close to me that I can indulge on.

The newest one in the Boston Area is True Bistro , which will open this Tuesday! I really can't wait to go, I did try to make a reservation when the Boston Vegetarian Association went this Saturday to a soft opening but all the spots were taken really fast! There is this other place I have been dying to go, Piece of pie for Vegan Pizza! I saw the pictures and it really looks delicious! They were selling this pizza at the Vegetarian festival last weekend, but when I went around their table all the pizza was gone! I overheard some guy there saying "I can't help it if my pizza is so damn good!" which I thought it was kind of rude. But I guess he's only telling the truth. I will experience it soon since I'm going to a book signing on November 18th! The book is called: The Vegan girls guide to life. I follow the author on Twitter and she seems like a cool down to earth girl and can't wait to meet her! And try the Pizza ;)

Another thing I will like to do this month is go to one of the meetings the Boston Vegan Association gives on Fridays at the Karma Yoga Studio. It seems like a good way to meet other vegans around here. So I will be posting on any of these experiences when I do go to either or better yet all of them!
Sounds like a lot when I write it, but it's really not much I guess.
I always try to commit to too much and at the end don't really do it, which is disappointing :( I don't know if it's the Gemini in me because I seem to always start two or three projects at the same time and then I get overwhelmed when I have to finish them! So I guess we'll see! I will also commit to write more often on my blogs, I really want to! Is a need to express myself that I take away when not feeling motivated enough, but is something I really really will like to commit!
I truly hope everyone is having an awesome vegan/vegetarian winter!
See you in the next post...
 This Post Is only availave in Spanish. Please Watch 10 reasons to become Vegetarian and for Animals all humans are Nazi on YouTube.

Me sentí plenamente conmovida cuando vi este vídeo, que no pude hacer otra cosa mas que querer compartirlo. ¿Hay alguien allí que lo este viendo?
Si no te sientes conmovido al igual que yo después de verlo, sencillamente no se que clase de sentimientos puedas tener.
No es justo para los animales ser tratados de la forma que son tratados ¡diariamente!
Acaso somos todos tan ciegos como para no ver el daño que le estamos causando a nuestros cuerpos y ¡al planeta entero!
¡Por favor! Te suplico que tomes un momento para reflexionar en lo que pones en tu cuerpo.
Te invito a tratar este nuevo estilo de vida.
Cambia tu dieta a una mejor basada en vegetales, legumbres y granos. ¡Te aseguro que no te arrepentirás!
Si tienes una duda, o necesitas apoyo para empezar, ¡escríbeme! mi email es:
Sígueme en twitter, mi nombre alli es Lilyflor  Si necesitas mas inspiración te recomiendo leer Skinny Bitch.
Tambien ve a Youtube y en buscador escribe: 10 razones para ser Vegetariano:

Gracias por leer y ser parte de algo ¡¡muy grande!! Una mejor vida, para ti, para mi, ¡para todos!
So the other day I was watching the Supreme Master Channel and I was very excited about doing one of their recipes. It was a very nice Argentinian cooking show and they made this Millet and Broccoli Tart.  It looks easy enough... Except the ingredients proved to be very hard to find. For instance: Millet
I went to stop & shop and market basket and didn't find it, I even went to this Chinese market and they didn't have it there either. Another ingredient was Cassava starch, I started to even search online and nothing until I came across and article that said that Cassava Starch was mainly Yuca starch sometimes called tapioca starch or in Spanish fecula de mandioca. Then I read somewhere online that I could find Millet in the natural foods section in Stop & Shop! Trust me, I searched there too! But armed with this knowledge I went back to Stop & Shop and found it!! I almost jumped out of excitement!
And Yes, I could have gone to Whole Foods and I know they have the Millet there though I wasn't sure about the tapioca starch, but I was pretty positive they had it, the thing is that Whole Foods is a little far away from me and I wanted to cook it that night! (Yesterday)
So I came back home and organize all my ingredients and started cooking. (Another thing that was challenging was knowing what "gratinar" was, it turns out, is the broil option on your oven just turn this on so the upper part only will lit up and this will basically cook your meal until it's golden on top)
Anyway, I was done cooking, my tart was almost done, I took it out and then I started thinking... What if I don't like this thing? I never had millet or cassava starch. I panicked for a minute, but nonetheless, I cut me a piece, I tried it and I must say that... I loved it! It was divine!
I sprinkled some parsley leaves, a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice on top and it was another match made in heaven! In fact, I loved it so much I had another piece :)
After that I took the picture for your enjoyment, of course it doesn't look as good as the original but hey it was my first time!

I'm leaving the link to the video under and hopefully you guys can try it too! Let me know if you do how it goes ok.

Until next time!

So I downloaded a new App for my Iphone the other day!
It was for a Vegan 24 hour channel, I wasn't sure if I should or if I would like it but I did and I must say that I love it!!
I already seen a few shows I like, they also have great easy to follow recipes! (I'll post some soon just need to go food shopping)

I really recommend everyone to go and visit this channel you can even access it on the web! here is the Address:

I know I haven't written in a while but If you do read my blog I ask you to be patient, I do tend to take long between updates and besides I do not want to bore you with gibberish so subscribe or add me to your twitter my nick name there is Lilyflor and I'll post there when there is an update.  Also please leave me a comment if you like!

So yesterday I ordered a pair of sneakers from Zappos they are the Vegan white and silver sneakers from Earth foot wear! They are supposed to help me lose weight as I walk!! I'll let you know how that went when I get them! I want to start walking soon! summer is just around the corner and that only means is bikini and tank top season. And as you can see from this blog I'm a vegan yes, but I'll like to be a sexy one! ;)

Also the other day my boyfriend got me the Skinny bitch and Skinny bitch in the Kitch books!

I already read the Skinny Bitch book so I decided to get the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch as well. It looks like it has a lot of good recipes and I can't wait to try it out!
I'll be posting if I do ;)
This book I bought it after I found out it was Vegan, I had seen it on the shelves at the book store but I wasn't sure I wanted to read it. Another diet book you know. But when I read It was Vegan I decided to read it and I love it!!
Those girls are crazy! I love their honest approach and how they explain things. Trust me you will not want to even touch meat of have anything dairy after reading it!
So hopefully I can inspire a few of you to read them!